Frequently Asked Questions

How often will I receive a collection?

Food waste is collected weekly. Your kerbside caddy (23 litre) should be put out at the edge of your property by 7am on the day of collection. Your specific collection days can be found on the 'when is my collection' page.

What are the food containers?

Food waste is collected in a 23 litre kerbside caddy. In addition, we're giving you a 5 litre internal kitchen caddy so you can easily dispose of any food waste from your kitchen. This container can be stored on a kitchen worktop, in a cupboard under your sink or in a utility room. When full, the waste can be transferred into your kerbside caddy, which should be stored outside. 

Do I have to have a kerbside food caddy?

Yes. Although some households may not have a lot of food waste, it is still important all food waste is sent to recycling rather than ending up in landfill (a refuse tip).

Where food waste collections have been introduced elsewhere, residents have realised just how much food they throw away. This has resulted in them taking steps to reduce food waste and food bills.

Because your food waste will be collected more frequently than your household waste, it reduces the likelihood of any problems with odours or flies. We do hope you will take part in this new weekly service.

Do I have to pay for my kitchen or kerbside caddies?

No. Food waste caddies are provided free of charge.

Will I receive liners for my caddies?

You'll get a free supply of 52 kitchen caddy liners annually in April/May. Please note the 2022 delivery will take place during June/July. These liners help keep your internal kitchen caddy clean. If you require more caddy liners these can be bought from the District Council by telephoning the Waste Helpline or direct from the suppliers website at

Caddy liners can also be purchased from local supermarkets. However they must conform to the BS:EN13432 standard and display the compostable seed logo. 

We have to make sure the liners meet specific requirements and can be handled by the re-processing plant. Any liners that are not suitable could contaminate the load and result in waste being rejected and disposed of at landfill (refuse tip).

Food waste can also be placed directly in the food caddy. 

There is no liner for the 23 litre kerbside caddy.

Both caddies are of a convenient size to be occasionally washed out and the smaller kitchen caddy can be safely placed in a dishwasher – you don't have to use a liner.

Can I use plastic bags to line my caddy?

No.  Plastic bags are not compostable and can contaminate the load resulting in the waste being sent to landfill (a refuse tip). Caddy liners must conform to the BS:EN13432 standard and display the compostable seed logo. 

We have to make sure the liners meet specific requirements and can be handled by the re-processing plant.

How should I store my kitchen caddy liners?

It is important to keep the kitchen caddy liners in a dry place. Because they are compostable, liners should not be stored in wet conditions.

What should I do if either of my caddies are damaged or go missing?

If your caddy is damaged or goes missing, we will provide a replacement free of charge. You can report a problem with your caddy by submitting an online form. A new caddy will be delivered within 10 working days of the request being received.

What should I put in my food caddy?

You can put the following inside your food caddy:

  • meat - raw and cooked, bones
  • fish/shellfish - raw and cooked, including bones and shells
  • eggs and egg products (including egg shells)
  • dairy products eg cheese and yoghurts
  • bread, cakes and other baked goods
  • pasta and rice
  • beans and pulses
  • fruit – raw and cooked
  • salad and vegetables - raw and cooked
  • Vegetable peelings
  • tea bags (including the bag) and coffee grounds
  • lard and other hard fats
  • tinned and dry pet food
  • any meal leftovers

Please do not include:

  • Newspaper
  • packaging of any sort
  • cardboard
  • foil
  • plastic film or plastic bags
  • glass
  • other recycling
  • garden waste
  • straw or other animal bedding
  • liquids

My kerbside caddy is not large enough for the size of my family

One kitchen and one kerbside caddy are provided free of charge. A 23 litre caddy should be more than sufficient for a weekly food waste collection. If you are throwing too much food away you should consider reducing the amount of food you buy and the size of the meals you prepare. In exceptional circumstances an additional caddy will be provided.

How do I stop animals from getting into my caddy?

When you put your kerbside caddy out for collection ensure the lid is closed and the handle is positioned in the forward position to lock the lid. If possible, it may help if your caddy is placed at a height, maybe on your garden wall. 

What happens to the food waste I collect?

We send your food waste direct to an in-vessel composting plant where it is treated at extremely high temperatures and turned into compost, then sold by the processors to various retail outlets.

Can I wrap food in newspaper and put in the bin?

No. Newspaper will contaminate the load. Food waste can be placed directly in the kitchen caddy which, once emptied, can be washed under the tap or in your dishwasher.

Can I put cat and dog food in this bin?

Yes, it is quite acceptable to put leftover cat and dog food in your food caddy.

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