Food caddy

Food waste and a recycling logoAll households are provided with a 5 litre internal food caddy and kerbside caddy to dispose of food waste, free of charge.

It is quite acceptable to put leftover cat and dog food in your food caddy.

Please do not dispose of any non-food items, especially packaging, plastic bags, liquids, oil or liquid fat, in the food caddy. Disposing of such items could contaminate the load and result in waste being rejected and disposed of at a refuse tip.

Your free annual supply of caddy liners

You'll  get a free supply of 52 kitchen caddy liners in June/July 2022. These conform to the BS:EN13432 standard and display the compostable logo.

How to use your food caddy

Food caddy container and a roll of disposable bag inserts

Line your kitchen caddy with the liners provided and fill with food waste.  You do not have to use the caddy liners, if you wish you can place the food items directly into the caddy.  Please do not use plastic bags or newspaper as a liner.

Food caddy full of food waste and tied full liner

When the liner is full, tie it closed and put it into your kerbside food waste caddy. To keep your kitchen caddy clean you can wash it out or put it in the dishwasher.

Kerbside food caddy

Place your kerbside food caddy alongside your other containers on a weekly basis by 7am on your normal collection day.  Please store the kerbside food caddy out of direct sunlight and ensure it is locked to stop animals getting to the food waste.

I require further caddy liners

Buy from us

 If you run out of your annual supply and require additional liners, you can buy these direct from the main reception at the following locations:

Liners purchased from us cost £2.00 per roll (52 bags in each roll).

(* Please note: we are unable to accept cash payment at the Town Hall. If you wish to pay by card, a minimum payment of £5 is required.)

Liners can also be bought  direct from the suppliers website at

Caddy liners can also be purchased from local supermarkets. However they must conform to the BS:EN13432 standard and display the compostable seed logo. 

We have to make sure the liners meet specific requirements and can be handled by the re-processing plant. Any liners that are not suitable could contaminate the load and result in waste being rejected and disposed of at landfill (refuse tip).

Storing the liners

They are best kept in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight and safe from young children and pets.  They will last up to 12 months if stored with care but may weaken with age, so don't keep too many.  If you keep them under a sink or in a garden shed use something waterproof e.g. a plastic bag, don't let them get damp or mouldy.

Broken/missing caddy

A notice with the following message - Do not put food waste in your garden waste binIf your kitchen caddy/kerbside caddy is broken or has gone missing please visit our 'order a new/replacement container' web page for further information on how to request a replacement.

Help putting your kerbside caddy out

If you are unable to put your kerbside caddy at the edge of your property and there is no-one else in your household over 16 years old who can do so you can apply for an assisted collection, and the refuse collectors will collect and return your caddy from the storage point. 

New properties 

There is a charge of £22.40 for a 140 litre / £27.85 for a 240 litre grey wheeled bin (general household waste) for new properties. 

A 240 litre blue lidded bin for recycling, a kitchen and kerbside caddy for food waste are provided free of charge when payment is made for the grey bin.

Please contact us to order your grey bin and to arrange to start collections from your property.

A picture of a blue-lid bin with the text When is my collection? alongside