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Covid Additional Relief Fund (CARF)

The Government has recently given the council funding to allow it to award a reduction in the business rates payable for 2021/22 for certain businesses.

To qualify for this relief a business must:

  • have (or have had) an amount of business rates to pay in respect of a property for 2021/22
  • not be entitled to the extended retail discount, or nursery discount, from rates (this is properties used for retail, hospitality, or leisure purposes)
  • be in actual occupation of the property during 2021/22
  • have been adversely affected by covid

If you think that this might apply to you then please complete the following online application form.

Please note: qualification for this relief is by application only and the application process will close on 31st August i.e. if you have not applied by that date you will not get any relief even if you would otherwise have qualified for it.

As the funding for this relief has been determined by the Government as a finite amount we cannot say at the outset how much each business who qualifies for this relief will get: it will depend on how many businesses apply and qualify. Once the application process is complete we will be able to determine the amount of relief for each applicant.

If you have any queries regarding this relief, or your application, please email