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1 - Application for naming of new street and numbering new properties on that street

The Public Health Act 1925: Sections 17 & 18

Please complete this form if a new street(s) is required for the development

Step 1 - Complete the online form below and submit with the following documents:

  • Site location plan
  • Site layout plan (including house types and access details)
  • Make payment online or by calling the payments line on 01629 761166 to pay by credit/debit card.
Step 2 - Once application received, the District Council will:
  • Allocate addresses to plot numbers and create draft numbered plan and consultation letters
  • Send draft numbered plan and consultation letters to the developer, Ward Members, Town / Parish Council and Royal Mail, for approval. Postcode(s) will be requested from the Royal Mail during consultation
  • If no agreement for the new street name(s) can be made, prepare a report to present to Council for a final decision to be made
  • On receipt of approval, update our address database
  • Notify all relevant parties
  • Send a letter of confirmation of Postal Address(es) to the applicant
  • New street names should not be difficult to pronounce or awkward to spell.
  • Names which could give offence should not be used nor should names which encourage defacing nameplates.
  • We will not adopt any unofficial “marketing” titles used by developers in the sale of new properties.
  • All new streets should ideally end with one of the following suffixes:
    • Street (for any thoroughfare)
    • Road (for any thoroughfare)
    • Way (for major roads)
    • Avenue (for residential roads)
    • Drive (for residential roads)
    • Grove (for residential roads)
    • Lane (for residential roads)
    • Gardens (for residential roads) subject to there being no confusion with any local open space
    • Place (for residential roads)
    • Crescent (for a crescent shaped road)
    • Court/Close (for a cul-de-sac only)
    • Square (for a square only)
    • Hill (for a hillside road only)
    • Circus (for a large roundabout)
    • Vale (for residential roads)
    • Rise (for residential roads)
    • Row (for residential roads)
    • Wharf (for residential roads)
    • Mews (for residential roads)
  • All new pedestrian ways should end with one of the following suffixes:
    • Walk
    • Path
    • Way
  • New street names should not duplicate any similar name already in use in a town or village or in the same postcode area. A variation of the terminal word, for example, “street”, “road”, “avenue”, will not be accepted as sufficient reason to duplicate a name. A common request is to repeat existing names in a new road or building title (for example a request for “Derwent Street” off an existing Derwent Way, near Derwent Avenue). This is not allowed as it can have a detrimental effect in an emergency situation. This is in line with Government guidance found in circular 3/93.
  • Derbyshire Dales District Council’s street nameplate specifications must be adhered to.
  • If amendments are received to an application once the Street Naming & Numbering process has commenced, a resubmission of the full scheme will be required and this will incur a new full application cost.
The District Council can be contacted on 01629 761168 or by email on addressmanagement@derbyshiredales.gov.uk
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