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Park Mark

Our Park Mark accredited car parks

What is the Park Mark?

Park Mark logo smallThe recognised standard for the quality of parking facility provided throughout the off street parking industry is known as Park Mark.  This scheme is operated by the British Parking Association which is the recognised parking association of the industry.  They, in conjunction with the Association of Chief Police Officers, created the scheme which measures parking facilities against criteria which aims to reduce crime and the fear of crime in car parks.  Operators are therefore required to adopt an active management strategy to ensure minimal occurrence of crime.

There are 37,000 car parks across Britain which are awarded Park Marks. This is based on the quality and level of:

  • Lighting
  • Signage
  • Cleanliness
  • Surveillance
  • Management Practices

For customers, using a Park Mark Safer Parking facility means that the area has been vetted by the Police and has measures in place to create a safe environment.

Visit Safer Parking Scheme for more information on the scheme and to view the various car parks that have been awarded safer parking status.

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