Local Land Charges Search

A Local Land Charge Search should be carried out when a property or piece of land is being sold, purchased, leased or valued to find out if there are any matters affecting the land.

Searches are usually carried out in two parts:

  1. The first part of the Search (LLC1) deals with all registrable charges, such as conditional planning consents, grants, tree preservation orders, planning agreements, and listed buildings and some enforcement issues. 
  2. The second part (CON29) deals with issues that are not registrable such as planning refusals and unconditional consents, road schemes, planning history and environmental matters.

The information given on a search relates only to the property or land identified on the search plan. We do not provide information regarding surrounding property or land.

Who can commission a local authority search?

Anyone may commission a Local Authority search by submitting the correct forms, together with the required fee by email or post.


Application type Cost (£) from 31 March 2017 (* includes VAT)
Official Search Fee (LLC1 + Con29R) 125.80*
LLC1 only 31.00
Con29R 94.80*
Con29O (per question) 12.00*
Additional Parcel of Land 13.20*
Written enquiries (solicitors own questions) 14.40*
Personal Search of the Register 0.00
Con29R Component Data Information Form

See Property Search Application Form [PDF 89KB ]
Easy Search Form [PDF 84KB]

Submit a Search online

Complete our online Property Search Form.

Complete our online Component Data Form

Submit a paper Search

When requesting a full Local Land Charges Search you should include either forms LLC1 and CON29 (these forms are obtainable from Solicitors or Law Stationers). 

You must include an up to date plan showing the area to be searched in red. 

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Return of search

Our preferred method of returning search is by email, although we will return searches by post if you prefer.  If you would like to receive your searches by email, please include your email address on the application form.  Should you wish to receive a hard copy of your search result, please contact us.

Our searches are:

  • the only Official Certificate of Search available
  • processed by experienced staff, with local knowledge
  • returned quickly (For searches received in March, the average turnaround time was 10.33 working days. 52.9% of searches were returned within 10 working days. For the year 2020/21 (April – March) the average turnaround time of searches returned was 8.31 working days. 81.5% of searches were returned within 10 working days.)

    For personal searches received in March, the average turnaround time was 9.68 working days. For the year 2020/21 (April – March) the average time taken to return personal searches Was 8.48 working days. 94.8% of personal searches were returned within 10 working days.